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Guest Editor

The June edition host our fith 2011 IYC Guest Editor, with a great pleasure we welcome the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland and thanks them for their contributions. In addition, a message of the New elected President of ECTN Association and other network and foreign contributions.
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Pascal Mimero, Editor, ESCPE Lyon, France (E.U.)


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2011 Quote :


Dear EC2E2N NewsLetter Readers,

The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland, the professional body for chemists, represents chemists throughout the island of Ireland, north and south.

In this issue, we introduce some of our activities for IYC 2011: we have put in a special effort to engage widely with both our members and the wider public, putting on extra events for the International Year, spread as widely as possible over the island.

I also wanted to stress one particular theme, that of innovations in chemical education and promotion in schools, which our Institute and many of our individual members have been involved in, including special or modified events for IYC. As a small island (population 6 m), many such activities tend to be designed to promote science and engineering in many branches rather than just chemistry, but if they help more second- (and first-) -level students to consider pursuing science and engineering courses and degrees, that's the main thing.

We start off with SciFest, a competition for second-level students which is very close to my own heart. Its originator, Sheila Porter, asked me could my college run such a one-day science fair for schools in Dublin in 2006. She's a science teacher, and I was present as a parent at a Parent-Teacher Meeting, and couldn't say no. Launched in the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT Dublin) in Spring 2006, it was an immediate hit with school students, driven by its enquiry- and discovery-based approach to science. Seconded from her school in 2008, she took the event national, and it now runs in 15 institutes, and has gone cross-border into Northern Ireland. This year's competitions featured Special Awards for Best Chemistry Project, sponsored by PharmaChemical Ireland, in honour of IYC 2011.

Moving to primary schools, we feature a series of science-and-engineering hands-on workshops provided by third-level lecturers to Saint Colmcille's School, the largest primary school in Ireland. This particular project features a "Train-the-Trainers" element, with teachers and second-level students being shown how to take over the activities themselves for future years.

At third-level, Peter Childs of the NCE-MSTL (National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching & Learning) at the University of Limerick has long been involved in supervising research in topics in chemical education, as well as publishing resources for second-level schools in Ireland and the UK. His article again details third-level personnel helping to train second-level teachers in demonstrations that bring chemistry to life in the classroom.

Finally, we have two short contributions from two other third-level centres, CALMAST (the Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Technology ) at Waterford Institute of Technology, and CERT (the Chemistry Education Research Team) at Dublin Institute of Technology.

I hope you find our contributions both enjoyable and inspiring!

Dr. Brian A. Murray (President, ICI)
Dublin (IRL)
Guest Editor
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Institute of Chemistry of Ireland - Instituid Ceimice Na Héireann


  Some Institute of Chemistry of Ireland (ICI)
      Events for the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011).

The following events/activities are either ICI events, ICI-sponsored events, or events co-ordinated by PharmaChemical Ireland's IYC 2011 planning committee, chaired by Dr. Paraic James, President of ICI 2009-2011 and Dr. Brian Murray, President of ICI 2011-2013.

The committee includes representatives of several organizations promoting chemistry/science in Ireland.

Several ICI regular events will be duplicated at several locations around the island throughout the year, so as to facilitate as many members as possible (and the public) to attend an event in IYC 2011.

Pre-2011: The Irish Launch of IYC 2011 was held at Discovery 2010 in Cork.
Held on 13th/14th November 2010, this included a programme of activities for schools in the Cork area 8th-19th November, including Graeme Jones and his "Megamolecules" appearing for the first time in Ireland, and a related workshop, "MakeItMolecular", with sponsorship from BASF. and
The Megamolecules built by Graeme Jones and the school students in Cork will be displayed in public locations around Ireland during IYC 2011.

"Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time": the Irish breakfast was arranged for 18th January 2011 to coincide with the 24-hour rolling IYC 2011world breakfast event.

Boyle Higgins Gold Medal and Lecture Award 2011
Download the flyer (PDF, 591Kb)

EAMC: EURACHEM Analytical Measurement Competition
10th Annual Competition, Easter 2011, in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), with support from ICI 10/mdex.html

The Eva Philbin Annual Award Lecture & ICI AGM: Thursday 28th April 2011
Download the flyer (PDF, 386Kb)

SciFest (see below)
Scifest is a one-day festival of science for 2nd-level schools which encourages a discovery-/enquiry-based approach to learning, launched in 2006 with ICI support: it runs at 17 locations in Ireland, North and South. The 2011 events take place in April and May
This year, there is a PharmaChemical Ireland IYC 2011 Award for Best Project in Chemistry at each competition.

IUCRC Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium: 23-25 June 2011 in University College Dublin. Sponsored by ICI.

ICI Schools Newsletter Competition 2010/2011: "Positive Impacts of Chemistry in the 21st Century", title chosen to coincide with a view looking forward from IYC 2011.

ICI Annual Congress 2011 Commercialisation of Chemistry (

Further Details and Regular Updates on many of the above available at: and


  SciFest - "Promoting Chemistry in Second-level Schools in Ireland"

Sheila Porter, Project Manager

SciFest is a series of one-day science fairs funded by Intel Ireland and Discover Science and Engineering as project partners and hosted nationwide by the Institutes of Technology (ITs). The aim is to encourage a love of science through active, collaborative, inquiry-based learning and to provide a forum for students at local/regional level to present and display their scientific investigations. The inaugural SciFest science fair was held in the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT) in April 2006. The day included a session with the judges in the morning, lunch for the competitors and teachers, a selection of science talks, science demonstrations in the laboratories and a (...)

Download the full article (1.2Mb)

Contact: .

  Bringing Science & Engineering to Primary schools

  Mary Costello & Gerry Ryder, Institute of Technology, Tallaght IE (E.U.)

Increasing the uptake of Sciences within Ireland was a fundamental task which the setting up of the Discover Science & Engineering programme sought to address ( The initiative included the Discover Primary Science programme, which involves practical experiments that are designed to develop the interest and awareness of the physical sciences and also to promote a general positive attitude to the place of Science, Engineering and Technology within a modern economy. ITT Dublin became actively involved with Discover Science & Engineering at the earliest stages and was involved in (...)

Read the full article online

Download a letter from School (665Kb)

Contact: .

  Activities for IYC 2011

 Dr. Peter Childs, University of Limerick, IE (E.U.)

Read the full article online

Contact: .

  Alchemy and Vacuums – the Life and Works of Robert Boyle

 Dr. Sheila Donegan, CALMAST - Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Technology - Waterford Institute of Technology, IE (E.U.)

This presentation commemorates the most important Irish-born scientist - Robert Boyle. It was given to second-level school students.

Participants were brought back to the 17th century to a time where science was in its infancy and rising from a mystical world view where alchemy was widely pursued.

Robert Boyle was born in Waterford and became one of the most influential scientists of his day. He performed his experiments in front of royalty. He is most famous for work with vacuums, but made important discoveries in many areas, many of which we take for granted today. Robert Boyle (as did Newton) practised alchemy but, inspired by Galileo and Bacon, he formulated a rigorous approach to experimentation and dissemination of results.

Known as the father of chemistry, he developed acid-base indicators. Assisted by Robert Hooke, he developed an effective vacuum pump and made fundamental discoveries about sound, light and magnetism in vacuums, combustion and respiration needing air and he confirmed Galileo’s claim that air resistance accounts for differing speeds for falling bodies and that it was the weight of the air that held the column of mercury up in Torricelli’s barometer. He also demonstrated the expansion and contraction of air under pressure, leading to the formulation of the first of the Gas laws, known to millions around the world as "Boyle’s Law". Most of these phenomena are explored in school curricula at Irish Junior Certificate level, with Boyle’s Law at Leaving Certificate.

Robert Boyle himself performed these demonstrations for the fledgling Royal Society 350 years ago and in 1659 published his important work "On the spring of the Air". He was one of the most important of the founding members of the Royal Society in 1660. &

   Chemistry Education and related activities in IYC 2011 at Dublin Institute of Technology

 Dr. Claire McDonnell , Dublin Institute of Technology, IE (E.U.)

The Chemistry Education Research Team based in Dublin Institute of Technology was established in 2005 with the aim of incorporating best practices in emerging education research into day-to-day teaching at third level. Its members are involved in ongoing projects on context-based and problem-based learning, community-based learning and online learning ( Online resources developed by Dr Michael Seery are available in the areas of maths for chemistry ( and photochemistry (

The Chemistry Education Research Team helped host the 2010 ChemEd-Ireland conference in Dublin Institute of Technology. The conference was supported by the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland ( ). Presentations and resources from the day are available online (

The 2011 ChemEd-Ireland conference takes place in University College Cork on October 22nd

The Institute of Chemistry of Ireland Annual Congress took place in Dublin Institute of Technology on 27th May 2011 and addressed the theme of Commercialisation of Chemistry (

Contact: .

 EC2E2N and ECTN Association News ...



ECTN Association

Message from the President
Evangelia Varella, Thessaloniki GR (E.U.)

Dear partners in the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association,

Thank you in the name of the vice president, the administrative council and myself for giving us the opportunity to work from a more responsible position for our common goal. ECTN Association belongs to all its members, we actually consider ourselves merely coordinators of common efforts and initiatives.

In this frame there are several issues we should seriously consider during the next two years, so as to fully retain our place within the European and international chemical community, and guarantee our sustainability in all contexts. Priorities seem to be as follows:

On the whole, acquire a more organised and professional profile.

Concrete proposals are already being formulated, and shall be communicated by the beginning of the new academic year. Should you have any idea - modest or grandiose - to the benefit of ECTN Association, please do not hesitate to let us know

    contact: .

General Assembly Report
Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.)

The ECTN Association held its General Assembly on 20th May 2011 in Bratislava, SK.

At this General Assembly, chaired by the President Henryk Koroniak, there were a number of general business items such as the financial report, the budget for 2011/12, and the agreement on the membership fee for 2012. All ECTN Association members will receive a copy of the minutes of this General Assembly.

The General Assembly also had reports from the Label Committee activities in 2010/2011 from Pavel Drasar, and from the EChemTest Committee from Pascal Mimero. Evangelia Varella (Thessaloniki, GR) presented three projects in which the Association is a partner: Joint Interface Third Cycle Degrees in Chemistry; Valorisation of EChemTest Testing Centres; and Eurodoctorate - a Framework for a Third Cycle Degree in Chemistry. Details of these projects can be found on the appropriate websites and via links on the ECTN Association website.

Elections were held for a new Administrative Council. We are very pleased to announce the new Administrative Council:

We all congratulate the new members and wish them well. The next two years will be a very busy and important period for the Association as it develops commercial activities associated with the EChemTest and looks to further develop and expand the Eurolabel activities, in particular.

We also thank the outgoing members - Henryk Koroniak, Gino Paolucci, Mariano Fajardo - for their excellent work on behalf of the Association over the past years. They will no doubt remain active contributors to the work of the Association in the future.

ECTN Association Administrative Council: The next meeting will take place on October 2011 in Helsinki. Any member wishing to add items to the agenda for this meeting are invited to send them to Tony Smith as soon as possible.
    contact: .

EC2E2N Network

Plenary Meeting Report
Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.)

The 2011 EC2E2N Plenary meeting was held in Bratislava, Slovakia on 19 -21 May 2011. There were over 170 participants from 28 countries, representing 78 EC2E2N member institutions. This is a record number of participants for our plenary meetings since the start of the ECTN Network in 1996. This is a good indication of the interest in and importance of the themes and activities of the new network. The format of the meeting approximately followed that of previous meetings and included plenary presentations, working group meetings, an entrepreneurship workshop, and plenary discussions. The meeting began with an impressive (...)

Read the full report online (webpage)
    contact: .

  EC2E2N Working Groups' Reports

WP05 Report: Virtual Campus
Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) and Iannis Kozaris, Thessaloniki GR (E.U.)

Download the Report (148Kb)
Download the COST-D37 Report (1.5Mb)
Contact the author: .

WP07 Report: Creation of a Structure for Addressing Linguistic Issues in European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education
Evangelia Varella, Thessaloniki GR (E.U.)

Download the Report (90Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP08 Report: Creation of a framework offering lecturing qualifications for university teaching staff
Paul Yates, Keele UK (E.U.)

Download the Report (129Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP09 Report: Employability of Chemistry Bachelors
Pavel Drašar, Prague CZ (E.U.)

Download the Report (47Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP11 Report: Internet-Based Test Development
Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon FR (E.U.) and Séverine Camy, FR (E.U.)

Download the Report ()
Contact the author: .

WP12 Report: Quality labels for secondary school teacher education in Europe
Ilka Parchman, Kiel DE (E.U.)

Download the Report (120Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP13 Report: Student-centred activities promoting European scientific citizenship: Summer schools and contests
Gino Paolucci, Venice IT (E.U.)

Download the Report (95Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP14 Report: The attractiveness of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Antonio Floriano, Palermo IT (E.U.) and Christiane Reiners, Cologne DE (E.U.)

Download the Report (88Kb)
Contact the author: .

WP17 Report: The Interface of Chemistry and Chemicals Engineering
Sanjiv Prashar, Madrid ES (E.U.)

Download the Report (114Kb)
Contact the author: .

European Chemistry Tests "EChemTest & ChemEPass" and Test Centres


Contact:    or visit us at: 

Pascal Mimero, Lyon FR (E.U.)

Our commercial development in Italy is tightly linked to "Fondazione Sviluppo Europa", one of our partner; please find below a link to there NewsLetter:

See the above WP11 Report.

Articles and Papers


Chlorine-free synthesis for Green Chemistry

Pietro Tundo, Chairman, EuCheMS WP on Green and Sustainable Chemistry.

Due to their peculiar characteristics, halogens are widely used by all sectors of the chemical industry and chlorine stands as an "iconic molecule". Even though its production by the electrolysis of sodium chloride is really energy intensive, it still is used since it allows the manufacture of chlorinated derivatives in a very easy way, due to its high energy and reactivity; for example AlCl3 , SnCl4 , TiCl4 , SiCl4 , ZnCl2 , PCl3 , PCl5 , POCl3 , COCl2 , etc.

Through a chain of chemical derivatives and relatively easily made compounds and intermediates, such molecules have utilised the intrinsic energy available through the use of chlorine primarily produced via electrolysis. The environmental constraints and the growing need for efficient energy usage, force us to take advantage from available high technologies to develop a new chemical strategy. The substitution of compounds where "chlorine is used in the making", means that we will avoid such a primary energetic source; this however makes chemistry "without chlorine" considerably more difficult and illustrates why it has not been adopted before.

Recently, IUPAC decided to publish a Special Issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry titled "Chlorine-free synthesis for green chemistry". This Special Issue (expected to be published on the first months of 2012) will deal with the following topics (but not only):

  • Chlorine-free reagents;

  • Chlorine-free catalysts;

  • Phosgene replacement;

  • Chlorine-free solvents;

  • Thionyl Chloride substitution;

  • Metrics for chlorine-free reactions.

Proposals for contribution (scientific articles, review and educational material) are welcome (...)

Download the full Article (93Kb)

Contact the author: .

WHATISCHEMISTRY: A website for Popular Science and the Image of Chemistry

Gustavo Avitabile, Ugo Caruso, Giovanni Maglio, Antonello Merlino, Delia Picone - University "Federico II" of Naples, IT (E.U.)

The World Wide Web revolutionized the way people communicate with one another, share emotion and learn new knowledge. Circulation of scientific ideas on the web, and in particular description of chemical phenomena, is often approximate, other times it uses too technical a language. This led common people to think that Chemistry is about hard concepts, formulas and calculations, and it is not fit for non-specialist readers. In addition, there are many prejudices about Chemistry: this name is felt as a synonym for Pollution, and as the opposite of Natural.

The Image of Chemistry WG has been long active in ECTN. It addressed the above problems in many ways, including creation of the ChemInsight website (, which contains many valuable pieces of information for a large audience, providing insight into Chemistry and its contributions to society. A weak point of this website, in our opinion, is the fact that such resources are not coherently organized, are in different languages, and are sometimes not easily reached from quotations found in (...)

 Read the full article online

Contact the author: .

European and International Conferences Agenda ...  


TEEC2011 & TL2011 Conferences - Omoku (Nigeria) - September 5-8, 2011 - Update

Jacinta A Opara, Omoku NG (Africa)

1st International Technology, Education and Environment Conference (TEEC2011)

On behalf of the Programme Committee we are pleased to invite you to take part in the 2011 International Technology, Education and Environment Conference that will be held in Omoku (Nigeria) on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of September, 2011. The conference is jointly organized by African Association for Teaching and Learning (AATL) and African Society for the Scientific Research (ASSR) in cooperation with other institutions  (...)

Download the TEEC2011 Announcement v2 (934Kb)

1st International Biennial Conference on Teaching and Learning (TL2011)

On behalf of the Programme Committee we are pleased to invite you to take part in the 2011 International Biennial Conference on Teaching and Learning that will be held in Omoku (Nigeria) on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of September, 2011. The conference is organized by African Association for Teaching and Learning (AATL) in cooperation with other institutions (...)

Download the TL2011 Announcement v2 (925Kb)

Contact the organizer: .

Advertisements on Conferences to be held in Omoku (Nigeria) in 2012

Jacinta A Opara, Omoku NG (Africa)

1st International Congress on Business and Economic Research (ICBER 2012)
Omoku-Nigeria, 25-28 June, 2012
Download the ICBER 2012 Announcement (178Kb)

1st International Congress on Social and Cultural Studies (ICSCS 2012)
Omoku-Nigeria, 25-28 June, 2012
Download the ICSCS 2012 Announcement (179Kb)

Contact the organizer: .

2012 International Conference on Agriculture, Science and Engineering (ICASE 2012)
Omoku-Nigeria, September 3-7, 2012
Download the ICASE 2012 Announcement (234Kb)

1st International Conference on Environmental Studies and Research (ICESR 2012)
Omoku-Nigeria, September 3-7, 2012
Download the ICESR 2012 Announcement (213Kb)

Professor Dr Nkasiobi S. Oguzor, Provost, Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku-Nigeria
Contact the organizer: .

Conferences' Agenda


EDULEARN 2011 / 3rd annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - Barcelona ES, July 4-6, 2011
STHESCA - Krakow PL, July 5-7, 2011
43rd IUPAC - San Juan PR, July 30 - August 7, 2011 (Abstract submission deadline extended to: May 14, 2011)
4th ECCLS European Conference on Chemistry Life Science - Budapest HU, Aug. 31 - Sept 3, 2011
EuroVariety - Bremen DE, Sept. 1-3, 2011
1st Technology, Education and Environment Conference - Omoku NG, September 5-8, 2011
Download the Brochure ()
1st Biennial Conference on Teaching and Learning - Omoku NG, September 5-8, 2011
Download the Brochure
ESERA - Lyon FR, Sept. 5-9, 2011
EUROANALYSIS 2011 - Belgrad RS, Sept. 11-15, 2011
7th IMA - Instrumental Methods of Analysis-Modern Trends and Applications - Chania, Crete GR, Sept. 18-22, 2011
Joint autumn schools in Chios island (Greece) and Izmir (Turkey) - Oct. 5-11, 2011

IT-Enhanced Organic & Sustainable Education Training Course - Chios Islands GR
Download the Announcement () and the Brochure ()

IT-Enhanced Organic & Sustainable Education Training Course for Teachers, Trainers and Agricultural Professionals - Izmir TR
Download the Announcement
() and the Brochure ()

RAFA 2011 - Recent Advances in Food Chemistry - Prague CZ, Nov. 1-4, 2011 - Download the Flyer ()
ICERI 2011 - International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation - Madrid ES, Nov. 14-16, 2011
AIEC 2011 Australian International Educational Conference - Adelaïde SA AU, Oct. 11-14, 2011 - Download the Brochure ()

21st Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education / Issues of Heterogeneity and Cultural Diversity in Science Education and Science Education Research - TU Dortmund University, May 17-19, 2012

Joined Conferences:
11th ECRICE ( and 22nd ICCE (; Rome IT, July 15-20, 2012
4th EuCheMS Chemistry Conference - Prague CZ, August 26-30, 2012



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