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Merry Christmas
Happy New Year


Dear All,

For the last issue, I'm pleased to welcome non-ECTN contributors from Colombia with a presentation of the Journal of Science Education (JSE) and from Russia with a conference announcement (ICAS). Also reports on past conferences (Eurovariety and AC&CA) and ECTN group reports are on the Christmas menu, with the now usual report of the group "Links with School" in part.V. <read>. Our Austrian partner provided an interesting presentation of the iChemEdu concept <read>.

For those seeking for a Post Doctoral Research opportunity, one position is open in Narbonne France, and for those willing to contribute to the new Bulgarian Society, <read> the call of Prof. Borislav Toshev.

As the 1st Summer School organized in Malta last June was successful, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Summer School to be held next July 2006 in Thessaloniki <read>.

And before concluding, on behalf of the ECTN Network and Association, I wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006, and depending on your hemisphere, either in front of q nice and warm wood-fire in your chimney, or enjoying a BBQ on a sunny beach. We hope the coming year might bring us peace and joy in our world.

Thanks to all contributors.

Enjoy your reading.

Pascal Mimero, Editor
ESCPE Lyon, France (E.U.)


News Flash




Post Doctoral Research Position available in Narbonne FR (see details).


Addressed to the Chemistry Community: European Survey on "History of Chemistry" proposed by the ECTN and the EuCheMS, under the supervision of , Chairman of the Working Group Chemistry and Cultural Heritage <read>.

ECTN Network

Anthony Smith, Coordinator - Lyon, France (E.U.)


ECTN and ECTN A Meetings

The next meeting of the Administrative Council will take place in Brussels, BE on 13-14 January, 2006. Any Association members who have items they wish to be discussed at this meeting should contact or any member of the Administrative Council.

The next ECTN Management Committee meeting will take place in Brussels, BE on 13-14 January 2006. Any members wishing to suggest items for discussion at this meeting are invited to contact .

The Next Annual Conference of the ECTN will be held at T.U. Vienna AT on April 19-23, 2006.
The dedicated website pages will come soon, the organizer is .

ECTN Association

Antonio Lagana, Vice-President - Perugia, Italy (E.U.)


ECTN A Strategy: The point of view of the Vice-President

The establishing of an Association by ECTN was aimed at providing the thematic network with an operative harm that could raise funds to enhance the activities of the members and operate in a sustainable fashion. For this reason the Institutions belonging to the Association have committed themselves to pay a fee and are looking forward to have tangible results.

The most noticeable results of the thematic network efforts are, to date,  the launch of the Eurobachelor (together with the  activity of the related label committee) and the construction of the ECHEMTEST database (with the various libraries and sub-libraries for levels and sub-disciplines) . (...)

Download the full text (Acrobat PDF / 27 Kb)

Email the author:


Terry Mitchell, Chairman - Dortmund, Germany (E.U.)



No report this month

The updated list of University awarded with the Eurobachelor Label is on display >>>> <here>.


Pascal Mimero, Coordinator - Lyon, France (E.U.)


Testing Centres

Following the previous announcement, 9 TCs are currently under consideration: Cologne DE, Helsinki FI, Lyon FR, Madrid ES, Perugia IT, Reading UK, Vienna AT and to be decided in Greece Athens or Ioannina, and  in Poland Krakow or Poznan. Early January the local Testing Centre's (TC) Administrators will be trained. 

Compatibility and PC ...

Compatibility tests will soon be achieved with a special tests incorporating all kind of options in order to identify the possible alternatives to Internet Explorer and to complete as accurately as possible the User Guide. For this purpose 2 computer platforms are used (Windows XP Professional edition and Mac OS X 10.3) with a set of Internet navigators (Internet Explorer 5.5-6; Netscape 7.2-8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iCab, Camino). Further tests will be conducted on Linux/Unix platforms.

The results of this campaign will be accessible early 2006 on the corresponding EChemTest webpage <here>. Once the survey achieved the demonstration test's sets will be made freely accessible online without registration (auto-login).

Meeting ...

The next meeting of the EChemTest Committee will take place in Reading UK on 27-28 January, 2006.

Working Group Activities and Reports

Contributions received from Working Group Leaders


 Links with Schools: Examples of good practice, Part V

Received from: Ingo Eilks, Bremen DE (E.U.) - December 8, 2005

Starting from ECTN-Newsletter 1/2005 the Links with Schools-Group within the ECTN will regularly provide examples of how to cooperate between HE institutions and schools. The examples of this issue are coming from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia/Bulgaria, about using TV as a medium to make Links with Schools visible, and the Northumbria University, Manchester/UK about students’ lab-work courses.

Download the full report (Acrobat PDF / 55 Kb)
Email the author:

 Conservation Science Summer School

Received from: Evangelia Varella, Thessaloniki GR (E.U.) - December 8, 2005

The Working Group on "Chemistry and Cultural Heritage" is organizing in Thessaloniki a Summer School on topics dealing with Conservation Science. The funding permits us to cover expenses of both lecturers and approx. forty students. The dates envisaged are 18 to 23 July 2006.

Please let me know if you - or someone in your Department - can join and bring (or sent) students.


Download the Announcement (Acrobat PDF / 30 Kb)
Email the author:


 The European dimension in 2nd and 3rd cycle studies - Preliminary report

Received from: Anna Kolasa, Kraków PL (E.U.) - December 8, 2005

The mobility of students at the second and third cycle is a necessary condition for European dimension of studies. That, however, can be negatively influenced by the diverse teaching periods in various countries or even at various universities. The following statistics, completed at Annual Conference of ECTN in Thessaloniki, shows this in a very convincing way:

Download the full report (Acrobat PDF / 136 Kb)

E-mail the author: .

Papers & News




Received from: Johannes Froehlich, Vienna AT (E.U.) - November 30, 2005

Synthetic laboratory courses ("wet chemistry") play an important role in chemistry curricula. Experimental procedures and theoretical backgrounds are mostly taken from printed literature, but have to be adapted to site specific general conditions. Due to frequently changing supervising staff information as well as knowledge about experienced practical problems get regularly lost, therefore iChemEdu aimed at the development of an internet-based laboratory information and management system, iChemLab, (in connection with an e-content pool, iChemLecture, and an e-self-assessment tool, iChemExam) to preserve knowledge and to maintain data, thus to supply a sustainable solution. The following paper supplies a comprehensive overview of the iChemEdu concept and its three main elements iChemLab, iChemLecture and iChemExam. The system - although fully integrated in the student's everyday lab business - is still under development and improvement. In particular, currently extension of functions and adoption to new software technologies are in progress. Moreover, interfaces for a tighter connection to the TU Wien students e-administration system TUWIS++ is in process of planning. Therefore a detailed description of such functionalities is postponed to a report at a later date.

Nevertheless, the current paper gives a widespread review of the iChemEdu philosophy, its broad scope and the rational behind.

Download the full article (Acrobat PDF / 970 Kb)

E-mail the author: . [N.o.E.: an email mismatch was in the first issue, the Johannes Froehlich email is now corrected]

Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry (CE&HPC): Call for Membership

Received from: BorislavToshev, Sofia BG (E.U.) - December 1, 2005

Announcement concerning the recent establishment of the Bulgarian Society for the Chemistry Education and History and Philosophy of Chemistry (CE&HPC). The objective of that Society is to encourage the community discourse on science/chemistry education. Additionally we would like to provide a link between the hard science (chemistry) and the soft science (history and philosophy of chemistry)  and in that way to enhance the interest of the public to science/chemistry: this interest was dramatically damaged in the last years while the interest to the social science was even increased.

Download the Announcement (Acrobat PDF / 34 Kb)

E-mail the author: .

ECTN Media online and Statistics !!

Pascal Mimero, Lyon FR (E.U.)

Updated figures about the website traffic. Read the full details here


Contributions received from ECTN and non-ECTN sources


International Congress on Analytical Science - Moscow RU, June 25-30, 2006

Received from: Tatyana Shekhovtsova, Moscow RU - October 27, 2005

Date: October 27, 2005 19:45:27 GMT+02:00

Dear Mr. Mimero,

I am a professor of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, deputy head of Analytical Chemistry Division of Chemical Department, responsible for teaching analytical chemistry in different departments of the university (Professor Yu. Zolotov is a head of our division). [...]

At the closing ceremony of IMA conference I informed all the participants that the International Congress on Analytical Sciences will be held in Moscow in June 2006 and invited everybody to take part in it. [...]

With best regards,
Tatyana Shekhovtsova

Download the ICAS 2006 Second Circular (Acrobat PDF / 450 Kb)

AC&CA-05 Final Report

Received from: Vladimir Zaitsev, Kiev UA - October 31, 2005

Date: 31 October 2005 12:52:13 GMT+01:00
Object: Final report about ACCA-05 updated now with photos

Dear Professor Mimero,

With this message I would like to inform you that final report about ACCA-05 was updated and now has big variety of photos made by the conference participants during AC&CA-05.

Mainly photos can be seen if you will open page http:

I combined photos to several albums and sub-albums such as: Invited lectures, Oral presentations, Posters, culture program, groups, individuals, discussions etc. Enjoy your memory about AC&CA-05.

For those who have photos from AC&CA-05, ARGUS-9 or Memorial session and willing to share this photos with other conference participants, please send it to me by e-mail or on CD using address below.

Truly yours,

Vladimir Zaitsev

Head of ACCA-05 organizing committee
Chemistry department, T. Shevchenko National University
60 Vladimirskaya, Kiev Ukraine 01033
tel/fax 380-44-2393345

European Variety in Chemistry Education 2005 - Report

Received from: Iwona Maciejowska, Krakow PL (E.U.) - December 8, 2005

From: :
Object: report - European Variety in Chemistry Education

Dear Colleagues,

The report (and some pictures) described our conference European Variety in Chemistry Education has been just published in the Newsletter BWM UJ (Autumn 2005 - pages 25-29) and is available for download (Acrobat PDF / Kb) from the Internet.

With my best regards,

Organising Committee

Reminder List ...

In brief ...

Miscellaneous Contributions


Presentation of the Journal of Science Education

Received from: Yuri Orlik, Bogota CO (South-America) - November 2, 2005

Dear Dr. Mimero,

I send you the information about JSE in attach.

With good wishes

Yuri Orlik  Ph D
Director JSE

Read the Announcement (Acrobat PDF / 33 Kb)

Email the author:

Molecular Modelling Freewares for MacOS X

Received from: Michel Petitjean, Paris FR (E.U.) - November 23, 2005

Object: molecular modeling freewares for Mac OS X

Mac OS X versions of my freewares are now available on my web page:

Please contact me if you encounter problems with them.

Michel Petitjean
E-mails:   ; 

1 rue Guy de la Brosse, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)144.274.857 - Fax: +33 (0)144.276.814

Post Doctoral Research Position Available ...

Received from: Philippe Serp, Narbonne FR (E.U.) - December 6, 2005

Date: December 6, 2005 19:32:40 GMT+01:00
Object: post-doc position available

Dear colleagues,

You will find as attached file the description of a post-doc position available in our lab (starting date January 2006). If one of your students is interested by this position he can contact me.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Philippe SERP
Professeur à l'Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
Laboratoire de Catalyse Chimie Fine et Polymères
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Arts Chimique Et Technologiques
118 Route de Narbonne, Toulouse 31077 Cedex 4, France

Tel: +33 (0)562.885.700 ; Fax: +33 (0)562.885.600
URL: http:

Read the Announcement (Acrobat PDF / 21 Kb)

What's coming next ?

NewsLetter Editor


February 2006

Please find below the summary of the next issue.

  • Biological Chemistry - A. van der Gen
  • Cultural Heritage - E. Varella
  • Independent Learners - B. Byers
  • EChemTest - P. Mimero
  • Links with School, part VI - I. Eilks
  • Multimedia - A. Lagana

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